Medium-depth chemical peel that targets acne, scars, pigmentation and ageing


VI Peel is a chemical peel treatment that brightens and renews the skin while targeting pigmentation, acne and signs of ageing.

Chemical peels are a popular treatment and there are even at-home options available that target surface-level issues. Professional peels done in a clinic are able to go deeper, which means more exfoliation and cellular regeneration.

VI Peel is known as a medium-depth treatment, it’s designed to give you noticeable results with minimal downtime. 

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The ageing process naturally causes our skin to become laxer, pigmented and textured - especially with sun exposure and other environmental factors added to the mix. VI Peel’s formulas are designed to rejuvenate ageing skin and prevent future damage, it’s proven to:

  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restore a more even skin tone
  • Smooth away rough skin texture

VI Peel is also an excellent solution for acne and pigmentation on both the neck and face. An over-production of melanin can cause hyperpigmentation and acne - the treatment focuses on lifting and exfoliating these cells which allows your body to create new, healthier ones. 

A peel for the full body

As well as treating the face, VI Peel can also be used on the body, by stimulating anti-ageing collagen to increase cellular turnover it can target troubled areas to reveal smoother, more radiant skin in just one treatment. Some of the concerns VI Peel can target are:

  • Pigmentation 
  • Fine lines on the Décolleté
  • Body Acne Scars from Acne, Surgeries, or Injuries
  • Stretch Marks
  • Sagging skin

Before and After

Before and After

* Note results may vary from person to person

How does VI Peel work?

There are six unique chemical peel formulas, your practitioner will select the best one to suit your needs and begin to apply it to your skin. The treatment is painless and involves the gel-like formula being swept across the skin with time in-between applications to allow the formula to absorb into the skin. 

After treatment, it is normal to have some flaking from day two and peeling by day three to five. The full results of a VI Peel are typically seen after seven days when any peeling has subsided and you are left with a natural glow.

Results can last for around six months or even longer with proper aftercare but we would recommend a course of regular treatments depending on each patient’s requirements. if the patient is looking to see the full benefits of VI Peel.

MBA Skin Clinic

VI Peel at MBA Skin

We are pleased to offer VI Peel at our Beaconsfield and Datchet clinics.

All treatments start with an in depth skin consultation with one of our expert practitioners including state of the art skin analysis system. We will assess your skin concern and work with you to curate a treatment plan to achieve the desired outcome.

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